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Tulsa Truck depot
Tulsa Trucks Depot - trucks for sale
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    Welcome to Tulsa Truck Depot

    Tulsa Truck Depot is a family owned business and all who work or do business here are treated like family. We have a continuous supply of trucks ranging from hot shot rigs to big rides and strive to have the best for less. Do yourself a favor and call for information on any of the units we have in stock and if we don’t have it at the present time ask us to look for the truck through our extensive dealer network across the nation.

    Whether you are looking for your first truck or a small fleet we can help.

    Our staff has more combined years experience in the transportation field than most 80 year old blondes have experience with confusion. Feel comfortable now? We do. Call us.

    Premium 2000 Commercial truck Warranties Used Truck Association
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