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 2000 Mitsubishi FUSO $11,900
Used 2000 Mitsubishi FUSO for Sale
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EngineMitsubishi     RE Ratio4.11
Sleeper Wheelbase129" 
Transmissionauto WheelsSteel
Suspensionspring Tires
FA Capacity6,660 Lbs. Odometer167,385
RA Capacity12,700 Lbs. Unit#RCC4239

 2000 International 4900 $24,900
Used 2000 International 4900 for Sale
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EngineInternational  DT 466  300 RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase264" 
Transmission6 PLUS WheelsAluminum
SuspensionSpring Tires22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer276,701
RA Capacity21,000 Lbs. Unit#RCC4245

 1998 Freightliner F70 $9,500
Used 1998 Freightliner F70 for Sale
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EngineCAT     RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase253" 
Transmission5 Speed WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires11R 22.5
FA Capacity8,000 Lbs. Odometer195,049
RA Capacity19,000 Lbs. Unit#RCC4248

 1997 Mack RD6885 $29,500
Used 1997 Mack RD6885 for Sale
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EngineMack  E7  350 RE Ratio
SleeperNon Wheelbase258" 
Transmission8LL WheelsSteel
SuspensionCamelback Tires22.5
FA Capacity14,000 Lbs. Odometer456,596
RA Capacity44,000 Lbs. Unit#RCC4261

 1996 Transcraft Eagle II $8,775
Used 1996 Transcraft Eagle II for Sale
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Length48 X Members 
Width102" Wheels
Height Tires 
GVWR Unit#RCC4252
SuspensionAir Ride   
Axle Capacity   

 1995 Kenworth T400B $5,500
Used 1995 Kenworth T400B for Sale
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EngineCaterpillar  3167B   RE Ratio3.50
Sleeper36" Wheelbase211" 
Transmission10 Speed WheelsSteel
SuspensionAir Ride Tires22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer1,021,548
RA Capacity20,000 Lbs. Unit#RCC4255

 1987 International 9370 Super Eagl $24,500
Used 1987 International 9370 Super Eagl for Sale
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EngineCummins  NTC 300  300 RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase260" 
Transmission13 Speed WheelsAluminum
SuspensionSpring Tires22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer464,266
RA Capacity23,000 Lbs. Unit#RCC4226

 2007 International 4400Call!
Used 2007 International 4400 for Sale
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Engine     RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase 
Transmission WheelsDisc
Suspension Tires
FA Capacity Odometer
RA Capacity Unit#RCC4272
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