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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
RES43922003FordSB130M5320-T60    $3,500
RES5766E2017Utility4000 DX COMPOSI    Call!
RES5771E2017Utility4000 DX COMPOSITE    Call!
RES5773E2017Utility4000 DX COMPOSITE    Call!
RES5775E2017UTLITY4000 DX COMPOSI    Call!
RES4513E2008WabashARCTIC LITE    Call!
RES4514E2008WabashARCTIC LITE    Call!
RES4515E2011WabashDURA PLATE    Call!
RES4516KL2010UTLITY3000R    Call!
RES4517E2011WabashDURA PLATE    Call!
RES4518E2014UTLITY3000R    Call!
RES4519E2008WabashARCTIC LITE    Call!
RES4520E2008WabashARCTIC LITE    Call!
RES4522E2011WabashDURA PLATE    Call!
RES4510E2008WabashARCTIC LITE    Call!
RES4511E2008WabashARCTIC LITE    Call!
RES4506E2014UTLITY3000R    Call!
RES4507E2011WabashDuraplate    Call!
RES43902001CentrevilleTA616    $2,500
RES4500E2016MCLENDONFT40-8L    Call!
RES4501E2016MCLENDONFT40-8L    Call!
RES4389Leithiser    $16,500
RES43271995FordE- 350Triton  V8  0 $3,000
RES43281995FordTriton  V8  0 $3,000
RES4512E2012Peterbilt384Paccar  MX12  43060" MID ROOF10Call!
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