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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
RES5766E2017Utility4000 DX COMPOSI    Call!
RES5771E2017Utility4000 DX COMPOSITE    Call!
RES5773E2017Utility4000 DX COMPOSITE    Call!
RES5775E2017UTLITY4000 DX COMPOSI    Call!
RES349EL2016Peterbilt579Paccar  MX-13 12.9L  45572 MID ROOFUltraShift Plus $79,500
RES4500E2016MCLENDONFT40-8L    Call!
RES4501E2016MCLENDONFT40-8L    Call!
RES4509E2015Peterbilt389Paccar  MX13 12.9L  50072" MID ROOF18Call!
RES4506E2014UTLITY3000R    Call!
RES4518E2014UTLITY3000R    Call!
RES10842012FreightlinerCA12564SLP - CADetroit  DD-13  45010 $42,000
RES4505E2012VolvoVNL 670Volvo  D13  47562" CONDO10Call!
RES4512E2012Peterbilt384Paccar  MX12  43060" MID ROOF10Call!
RES44182011InternationalProstarCummins  ISX 435ST  43572" Standup13 $38,500
RES4507E2011WabashDuraplate    Call!
RES4515E2011WabashDURA PLATE    Call!
RES4517E2011WabashDURA PLATE    Call!
RES4522E2011WabashDURA PLATE    Call!
RES43002010International8600 TranstarCummins  ISM  38510 Speed $32,000
RES4312W2010SterlingAT 9500Detroit  DDC60  4550 Non10 Speed $34,000
RES4503E2010Peterbilt387Cummins  ISX 450 ST  45072 CONDOAUTOMATICCall!
RES4516KL2010UTLITY3000R    Call!
RES4523E2010InternationalProstar + EagleCummins  ISX 435 ST  43560" CONDO10Call!
RES44292009VolvoVNL670Volvo  D13  46567 HIGH RISE13 $29,500
RES4510E2008WabashARCTIC LITE    Call!
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