Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group is your dealer for Mack, Volvo, and Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks.
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Telephone: (604) 888-5577
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1-800-52volvo (86586)

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Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group's Finance and Leasing department.

Welcome to Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group financing. PCHTG focuses on the provision of financial choice and the generation of value through the application of experience, service and innovation. Just as no two people are alike, no two financial requirements are the same. PCHTG recognizes the importance of providing financial solutions that truly meet the unique needs of our consumer and corporate clients.

PCHTG has developed a sophisticated and meaningful range of financial products and services structured to meet the most demanding requirements – all provided within an independent, flexible, non-bank environment.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing is the smart choice.

Conserves Working Capital - Lease financing enables you to use the equipment now while keeping working capital intact for other core operating needs like maintenance and repair costs.

Preserves Credit Lines – Lease financing enables you to acquire the equipment you need without tying up bank credit lines.

Ease of Budgeting - Unlike bank demand financing which may be subject to fluctuations in the interest rate, lease payments are fixed over the full term of the lease, which enables you to manage your budget and cash flow.

Term Repayment Flexibility – Leases can be structured to meet your particular requirements tailoring suitable payments, term, and options.

Self-Financing – Inevitably you will make your lease payments from the revenue generated by your equipment, which basically pays for itself!

Write-Offs - Leasing in many cases allows for the payments to be deducted as an operating expense, and accelerated write-offs can shift tax payments from near to distant future.

Seasonal Business - Lease payments can be tailored to cash flow in seasonal industries.

Ease of Up-Grading – Lease financing enables you to up-grade your equipment in whole or in part at any time throughout the term of the contract. 

Tax Advantage – Lease financing reduces the amount of money you pay up-front.  You do not pre-pay the tax on the full equipment cost, instead applicable tax is charged on the monthly payments only.

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