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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
3-2685382013Peterbilt587Cummins  ISX  45073" Stand-Up10 Speed Ultra+ $88,950
3-2685392013Peterbilt587Cummins  ISX  45073" Stand-Up10 Speed Ultra+ $88,950
3-2685402013Peterbilt587Cummins  ISX  45073" Stand-Up10 Speed Ultra+ $88,950
3-2654802012Peterbilt386Paccar  MX  485Non10 Speed $86,995
3-2658532012Peterbilt386Paccar  MX  455Non10 Speed $80,000
3-2685302012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $78,950
3-2685312012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $78,950
3-2685322012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $78,950
3-2685332012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $78,950
3-2686792012Peterbilt388Paccar  MX  455Non10 Speed $79,900
3-2692012012Peterbilt587Cummins  ISX  50075" High Rise13 Speed $89,950
3-2708892012Peterbilt587Cummins  ISX  45073" Stand-Up10 Speed $57,950
3-2710092012Peterbilt587Cummins  ISX  45073" Stand-Up13 Speed $83,950
3-2710102012Peterbilt587Cummins  ISX  45073" Stand-Up13 Speed $82,950
3-2713872012Peterbilt386Cummins  ISX  52570" ais Roof18 Speed $69,950
3-2722202012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $79,950
3-2722212012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $79,950
3-2722222012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $81,950
3-2722232012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $78,950
3-2722242012Peterbilt587Paccar  MX  45573" Stand-Up10 Speed $81,950
3-2735082012Peterbilt386Paccar  MX  43070" Ultra Sleep10 Speed $85,950
3-2735152012Peterbilt386Paccar  MX  43070" Ultra Sleep10 Speed $85,950
3-2735172012Peterbilt386Paccar  MX  43070" Ultra Sleep10 Speed $85,950
3-2735182012Peterbilt386Paccar  MX  43070" Ultra Sleep10 Speed $85,950
3-2735202012Peterbilt386Paccar  MX  43070" Ultra Sleep10 Speed $85,950
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