Golden State Peterbilt

15243 Road 192   Porterville, CA 12345
Phone: (800) 421-0117    Fax: (559) 784-5672

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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
3263202016Peterbilt579/117" TankerCummins  ISX12  425Non10 SpeedCall!
3263212016Peterbilt579/117" TankerCummins  ISX12  425Non10 SpeedCall!
3419482016Peterbilt389/131"Cummins  ISX15  48572" LOW ROOF13 SpeedCall!
3420382016Peterbilt389/131"Cummins  ISX15  55072"13 SpeedCall!
3420392016Peterbilt389/131"Cummins  ISX15  550Non13 SpeedCall!
2962322015Peterbilt579/117"PACCAR  MX-13  455NonFRO16210CCall!
2960692015Peterbilt579/117"PACCAR  MX-13  48544"FRO16210CCall!
2565392015Peterbilt579/117"PACCAR  MX13  48544"FRO16210CCall!
2565402015Peterbilt579/117"PACCAR  MX13  48544"FRO16210CCall!
2565422015Peterbilt579/117"PACCAR  MX13  455NonFRO16210CCall!
2565432015Peterbilt579/117"PACCAR  MX13  455NonFRO16210CCall!
2565442015Peterbilt579/117"PACCAR  MX13  455NonFRO16210CCall!
2565462015Peterbilt579/117"PACCAR  MX13  48544"FRO16210CCall!
75752012Peterbilt386Cummins  ISX  450Non10 Speed $65,000
1172332011Peterbilt386CAT  C13  430NonFRO15210C $57,500
1172342011Peterbilt386CAT  C13  430NonFRO15210C $57,500
1075092010Peterbilt386Cummins  ISX  45010 Speed $49,500
75522009KenworthT800Cummins  ISX15  450NonFRO15210C $48,500
75492009KenworthT800Cummins  ISX  450NonFRO15210C $48,500
75472009KenworthT800Cummins  ISX  450NonFRO15210C $48,500
75572009Peterbilt388CUMMINS  ISX15  425Non10 Speed $48,500
75592009Peterbilt388CUMMINS  ISX15  425Non10 Speed $48,500
75602009Peterbilt388CUMMINS  ISX15  425Non10 Speed $48,500
75502009KenworthT800Cummins  ISX  450NonFRO15210C $54,500
75612009Peterbilt388CUMMINS  ISX15  425Non10 Speed $48,500
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