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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
8843032021InternationalLT625Cummins  X15  500Ultra-18 Speed18 SpeedCall!
8843042021InternationalLT625Cummins  X15  500Ultra-18 Speed18 SpeedCall!
8843052021InternationalLT625Cummins  X15  500Ultra-18 Speed18 speedCall!
3346262021InternationalLoneStarCummins  X15  565Manual-18 SpeedRTLO - 18918BCall!
3903272021InternationalLoneStarCummins  X15  565Ultra-18 SpeedUltrashiftCall!
3903252021InternationalLoneStarCummins  X15  565Ultra-18 SpeedUltraShiftCall!
3288972020InternationalLT625Cummins  X15  565Ultra-18 SpeedUltraShift 18Call!
4412062020InternationalLT625CUMMINS  X15  500Ultra-18 Speed18 SpeedCall!
5613182020InternationalLT625Cummins  X15  500Ultra-18 Speed18 SpeedCall!
1308412020InternationalHV607Cummins  L9  350Auto 254"6 SpeedCall!
2847092020InternationalHX620Cummins  X15  500Tractor Auto 193"4500 RDSCall!
8600742020InternationalMV607Cummins  B6.7  300254" Ace Auto 254"6 SpeedCall!
8687582020InternationalHV607Cummins  L9  350224" Extended Cab 224"6 SpeedCall!
4373202020InternationalHX620 8x6Cummins  X15  565Cab and chassis18 SpeedCall!
3997362020InternationalCV515International  6.6  350165" Reg Cab6 SpeedCall!
647212020InternationalHX620 8x6Cummins  X15  565Cab and chassis18 SpeedCall!
4713372020InternationalLT625Cummins  X15  500Auto-12 Speed18 SpeedCall!
5876282020InternationalLT625Cummins  X15  500Ultra-13 Speed13 SpeedCall!
4759512020InternationalRH613 6x4International  A26  475175" Day Cab12 SpeedCall!
8331272020InternationalLoneStarCummins  X15  605Manual-18 Speed18 SpeedCall!
2924852020InternationalHX620 8x6Cummins  X15  565Manual-18 Speed18 SpeedCall!
1309912020InternationalHV607Cummins  L9  350Auto 254"6 SpeedCall!
4377212020InternationalCV515International  6.6  350199" Crew Cab6 SpeedCall!
1354972020InternationalHX620 8x6Cummins  X15  565303"18 SpeedCall!
3971182020InternationalCV515International  6.6  350189" Reg Cab6 SpeedCall!
1309922020InternationalHV607Cummins  L9  350Auto 254"6 SpeedCall!
1309902020InternationalHV607Cummins  L9  350Auto 254"6 SpeedCall!
3214602020InternationalHX615 8X6International  A26  500Dump SpecRTLOCall!
1842062020InternationalMV607Cummins  B6.7  300Ace Auto 254"6 SpeedCall!
423112020InternationalCV515International  6.6  350Tilt Deck6 Speed $119,000
8713292020InternationalMV607Cummins  B6.7  26024ft. ITB Box2500 RDS $139,000
3881032020InternationalCV515International  6.6  350165" Reg Cab6 SpeedCall!
3706362020InternationalCV515International  6.6  350235" Crew Cab6 SpeedCall!
8713112020InternationalHV607Cummins  L9  330191" Auto Dump 191"6 SpeedCall!
3873762020InternationalCV515International  6.6  350165" Reg Cab6 Speed $98,900
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